7 princess live in the beautiful land of Aderra. In a close land called Madella the two families have been fighting since the begining of the new age. What would happen if the 7 princess found the 7 princes and fell in love?
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 Darcy University

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PostSubject: Darcy University   Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:30 pm

Darcy University is desperately trying to keep the students at peace but somehow the werewolves and shapshifters keep getting into fights.

They fear a war will break out between the two and vampires are trying to stay neutral, for they are still weak in numbers from the last war.

The Darcy's are neutral as are the Austens, but these are the two most powerful families. They are constantly in danger of being captured and being used as a weapon.

The Werewolves want the Darcy's for they have the power and wealth. The Shapshifters want the Austens for they have knowledge even the Darcy's don't have.

The school has constant protection for both the families and their friends, which is hard because the youngest Austen is friends with almost everyone.

What will happen if these two noble families choose a side? Worse, what will happen if they're not on the same side?

Another site I made, again rated pg-13 for language and fighting.
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Darcy University
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