7 princess live in the beautiful land of Aderra. In a close land called Madella the two families have been fighting since the begining of the new age. What would happen if the 7 princess found the 7 princes and fell in love?
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 Sonja Silverwing

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sonja silverwing

sonja silverwing

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PostSubject: Sonja Silverwing   Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:00 pm

History of Sonja Silverwing:

She was brought up in a small village but at the age of ten it was attacked all were killed and she was taken as a slave till older then she was sold into the slave trade. Escaping it she found she could fight and did. On helping an old man he returned the save by teaching her the skills she needed. Once done she decided it was time to find if any one else from her village survived and so set out on her journey.
Her journey is to find some where she will be accepted even with her back ground and skills as a fighter.

"You can't hide from Family"
Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
Sibling: unknown but possible

"We got friends that will helps us and we help them back for anything."

Family Friends:
Childhood Friends:
Good Friends:
Close Friends:
Best Friends:
Friends from a distance:
Hang out Buddies:
Party Buddies:
Best Girl:
Best Guy:
Like Family Friend:
Partner in Crime:
Secret Keeper:
Secret Friend:
Just Met Friend: Erica Marie Ristina
Friend of a Friend:
Enemies Turned Friends:

"Not everything is prefect, just the way it is, don't be afraid of Love."

True Love:
I Love you:
You Love Me:
I have a Crush on you:
You have a Crush on me:
Forbidden Lovers:
Secret Lovers:
Secret Relationship:

"I never wished to be enemies with you but you turned against me"

Forever Hate:
Worst Enemy:
Fake Friend:
I don't Trust you:
You don't Trust me:
Forced Respect:

Post Below
How You know Sonja:

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Erica Marie Ristina
Erica Marie Ristina

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Ye Information
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Title: Princess

PostSubject: Re: Sonja Silverwing   Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:04 pm

Name: Erica Marie Ristina
Age: 16
Castle: Aderra
Relationship: Close Friends
How You know Sonja: Sonja stumbled into Erica's secret garden and after Erica helped Sonja they became good friends.

Princess Erica Marie Ristina of Aderra
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Sonja Silverwing
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