7 princess live in the beautiful land of Aderra. In a close land called Madella the two families have been fighting since the begining of the new age. What would happen if the 7 princess found the 7 princes and fell in love?
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 The Third War for Hogwarts

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PostSubject: The Third War for Hogwarts   Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:28 pm

It is the year 2047, Harry Potter had been killed on Voldemort return
following his son James Sirius Potter died of a heart attack, while the
other Albus Severus Potter was killed in action. His daughter Lily died
at the age of 7. Ginny died a year later after the birth of Emma Potter.

All alive in the Potter family is first grand daughter Elizabeth
Potter, daughter of James, who is married to Draco II Malfoy. Yet there
lies three other potters, Charlotte and Lily are the daughters of Albus. Emma Potter is the youngest daughter of Harry and Ginny.

The third war begins in 2035, when Voldemort has returned at Hogwarts
and to the world of wizardry. However, Hogwarts has become one of the
fewest places that is safe in the wizardry world. Students at Hogwarts
now have to learn over age magic in order to protect themselves unlike
over age adults do today.

The question is... what side do you stand on between good and evil?

This is another site I made, it's rated pg-13 for minor language and fight scences.
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The Third War for Hogwarts
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